Rottweilers Are Brilliant!

Shock and Zap This

Bear, my 2 year old Rottie has not to this day destroyed one thing in the house, well until now.

We go on long walks everyday, and he stays within 1 foot of me. But, about once a month he sees something (squirrels mostly) and he just takes off. After a moment he stops and sits down and lets me get close, but he is in chase mode and it's all over.

He takes off, never leaving line of site. . . .stops, I get close, and he's off again. This goes on for up to a half hour. He then stops, comes back to my side as if nothing had happened.

Well this had to stop so I got a shock collar, and thought next time were going to cure this puppy of this. Well I only got to use it once!

The next night I awoke to a loud crash from the kitchen. I rushed downstairs to find my boy sitting in front of the fridge looking like nothing had happened. All around him were plastic bits no larger than a dime.

All those little bits were all that remained of the shock collar. Rottweilers are smart. . . .how did he get on top of the fridge?

keep in mind he has never chewed up anything in two years, and he has never chewed up anything since (not counting chew toys). I love this breed of doggie.

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Sep 11, 2015
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Mar 08, 2012
Loved this
by: Naya

LOL this sounds like every Rottweiler I have ever known. "who me?" look on his face lol. He told you! Rotts love their owners but know how to problem solve as well. "damn this thing hurts, i know i'll wait until she's sleeping and take care of it". Sneaky dogs, mine finds random things and comes out of the yard parading it around. I have no idea where these things come from but he still manages to find random things to play with. They have perseverance.

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