Roxy's mommy

by Jennifer

We decided our male Bruttis needed someone to keep him company while we were working, so we decided to rescue a Rottweiler instead of buying a puppy.

I worked with a lady that has a rescue, and told her we wanted a young female Rottweiler. Within days she called and said she found one at a kill shelter in Oklahoma, and was on her way to get her since she was going to be killed in less than 48 hours.

She said we were not obligated to adopt her, but she had to get her out of there. We went and met Roxy and fell in love! She and Bruttis hit it off during their meet and greet, and the rest is history!

We have had her 5 years now and love her to pieces! As far as our decision to adopt, that was the only way for me. Growing up we always had rescue dogs.

Our main issue with Roxy was overcoming her severe malnutrition, and her separation anxiety when separated from Bruttis. Once we figured out what her issue was, and stopped separating them when we were gone, she has done great.

We would not trade her for anything. She has a great temperament and is wonderful with our two young daughters.

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