Roxy's second chance!!!

by Richard
(Birmingham, UK)

About 3 years ago on 27th April 2009, I was told by a friend of my mom that her husbands relations had a 3 year old Rottweiler called Roxy.

So me and my mom went up to the relations house, which was a detached house with electric gates and wall to wall BMW cars. We thought we must be on to a winner, because people with all this money would certainly look after their dog properly.

How wrong we were! Anyway, apart from the fact the dog had been left in a pen like a chicken, and being a tad bit over weight, she looked healthy enough. The owners son was telling us to rub her ears with savlon cream, you think that was decent of him to tell us.

We took her home, and the first day she dug 6 holes in the garden. One of her eyes closed, which cost us a massive vet bill and the vet said "can you take her back where you got her, and we will not insure her with all her ailments..."

Anyway, 7 months later she stopped growling at us and started to trust us. I would, on a daily basis use tea bags to clean her eyes, use canural to clean her ears, brush her after walks, and she malted off her outside coat.

She had a chair in the kitchen, a chair in the living room and a bed under the stairs. She always went for the postman, and was extremely protective when anyone approached. Also, she chased an articulated lorry down the hill - but she was a our big softie....

2.5 years later, we found out she had diabetes and needed to have 2 injections of insulin per day, which I was very anxious about doing. But I did inject her for about 4 months, until the day before being spayed.

They took another blood test, because she had gone from 63 kg to 43 kg and having skin problems and other ailments. She would not let me inject her, which is typical because as I believe she was so neglected by her previous owner, and growled so much it was her way of saying to me "I have enjoyed my second chance and had first class treats, pigs ears.

But it’s time to not suffer anymore, so the next day the vet at the RSPCA who was called Dave and was humane and caring put her to sleep. So at least Roxy's second chance gave me a chance for us to love and care for a first class dog.

Love and big hugs, miss YOU forever girl and hope dog heaven has your favourite treat - pigs ears!!!!!!

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Oct 01, 2012
Roxy's Angel
by: Anonymous

Richard - what a lovely story. You truly were Roxy's angel. Although you didn't have many years with her, at least her last few were with an amazing person to love and care for her.


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