Ruby the Rotten Rottie

by Judy Harrison
(Richmond BC Canada)

I had two dogs at the time. Sasha a Rottweiler/Shepherd cross adult, and Ruby, a rambunctious purebred Rottie about a year and a half old.

I had walked them to the local store to pick up some lottery tickets. There was a heavy wrought iron bench outside the store to which I tied the dogs, one at each end.

While I was in the lineup at the store, a very loud metallic scraping and bumping could be heard outside the door.

Everyone turned to witness a wrought iron bench being dragged down the centre of the main street by a Rottweiler, with another dog sheepishly following the bench along.

I asked the gentlemen behind me to hold my place in line while I went out and 'heaved' the bench back into place in front of the store.

I went back in, bought my lottery tickets and quickly walked the dogs back home.

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Sep 08, 2015
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May 05, 2011
What a Rotten Rottie indeed :0)
by: Jenn

Judy, thank you so much for sharing that story!!!

Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard before I even got 1/2 way through it because I just knew - LoL.

I can absolutely picture little Miss Ruby dragging that bench, and Miss Sasha shaking her head saying "girl, you're gonna get us in big trouble" He he he.

One things for sure, Rottweilers have a lot of strength and determination. When they put their mind on something, no "wrought iron bench" is going to stop them.

Thanks again for sharing and giving us a great mental picture and chuckle Judy.

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