Smirnoff the Adorable Rottweiler

by Marvin Hylton
(Fairview Park, St Catherine, Jamaica West Indies)

I love My Rottweiler Smirnoff - She Is Adorable.

Since the passing of my last pet Whitney, who was a female Golden Retriever mix, I decided I needed a new dog friend.

So I decided that I would purchase a Doberman. I really love this breed of dog for their intelligence and agility, however the purchase would have been a 2 year old male and I was uncertain of its temperament.

So I opted to start from infancy, and I purchased a Rottweiler puppy. I was thinking of breeding the dog in the future so I purchased a female instead of a male.

The owner told me how he started breeding and how he got his first Rottweiler. He stated that the mother was imported. One day he got a call from a friend, who works at the Warf, he told him he has a Rottweiler that no one claimed and asked if he wanted the dog. He said yes, and that is how he got started. He also stated that he is not a professional breeder.

Then one day an AKC breeder heard about the dog he had, and asked if he could get his dog to mate with his Rottweiler and that’s how I got my puppy.

He wanted me to pay $10,000 dollars for the puppy but I bargained with him and got her for $7,000 - Yes I bargain well. I watched puppies for about one hour to scrutinize their personalities and temperaments.

I wanted a dog that is trainable and intelligent with the right attitude. He was a bit frustrated with my long diagnoses but who cares, I will be the owner of this new puppy and I don’t intend to breed or own a dog with a bad temperament.

So I made my purchase, found a Smirnoff Liquor box, and took her home in it. Hence the name of my dog Smirnoff. She is now 7 and a half weeks old and just got her second shot. Everyone loves her. She is playful and loves to eat.

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Apr 24, 2012
Growing up with Smirnoff
by: Marvin

Well Smirnoff is growing up, and with growing up comes the challenges of curving behaviours and finding the energy to play with her. For one, this dog loves attention and she studies who you are like a book, which is quite surprising at her tender age.

She will challenge your authority, however she does not take a grand time for her to know who is in charge. Scream!!! And hide all your shoes, slippers, clothing and anything chewable, this dog will use everything as a tiding tool, I’m now typing bare footed.

Smirnoff loves to dash across the yard in short burst of energy sprints faster I feel than Usain Bolt, Jamaica’s fastest man in the world. I cannot say enough about the intelligence of this dog.

She will do things that make you marvel. I have raised more than one breed of dog with great intelligence and have not seen a dog quite as sound with an attentive steer; observing before a move is made; almost calculating... wondering what if and should I really, kind a body language.

The only dog I had with this level or higher intelligence was my fox Terrier/ wolf shepherd, Rage, who passed away after being hit by a careless car driver, who nearly hit my brother with his car while was on a leash.

Talking about leash, I have to keep Smirnoff on a leash after meals because she tends to run a lot and barf up all her food then gets hungry again. She weighs in at 8 and half pounds at I think 8 to 10 weeks old, I don’t really think her age is accurate and she maybe younger than I was told when I purchased her.

However I wonder if her weight is correct it’s sure not what the chart said that I received from Jennifer, but the doctor says she is healthy. Anyways as Smirnoff grows you can expect some updates.

I wish there was a link to upload videos. I wonder if I can post a YouTube link.

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