The Griz

by Kim

My name is Griz. I am 1 year old. I think I am the man of the house. I love my people and they love me. All I do is talk to them and want all the attention. I have a 3 year old sister Rottie, Roxy, a 6 year old brother Rat Terrier, Nitris and a 13 year old human brother, Brandon. But I am the boss! I am the biggest of them all at about 130 pounds. When I was just a little pup, I had the puppy strangles and my mommy had to give me steroids. That was tough. Then I had a urinary tract infection. Once I spilled oil from the deep fryer all over the back porch - it was not hot thank goodness. What a mess that was. I love to have a pair of socks in my mouth all the time. When my mommy is doing laundry, I follow her and steal the socks. I like to launch on my human brother and wrestle with him. My daddy thinks he can boss me around but I just let him think that. Well I hope you like my story and my pictures. Love The Griz

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