The non fuss-pot!

by Rahul Rajan
(Bangalore, India)

So you think when you bring a puppy home, there is no doubt that you will have sleepless nights the first few days.

At least this was the case when I had the Great Dane pup at home for a week. She gave me a tough time, as she used to whine at night and if left her alone would start barking. So I thought this was a regular thing when you separate a puppy from its mother.

Moment I brought him home, I let him be for a while to discover the place around. He was happily roaming around, marked his territory the very first minute. It was a lot of wiping to do because every few minutes he would pee on the tiles.

I was just preparing myself for a sleepless night when I switched off the light. I kept him in the room, so presently he has no collar and no leash, was too young for all that. The whole night I slept peacefully, and when I woke up he was just lying under the table. He didn't fuss at all - Not one bit!

Best part, now its been 4 months and not one day has he made a fuss except of course unless he wants to relieve himself. Probably the most calm puppy I have ever come across.

Above is a pic where he is sleeping in the hall with one head on the mat. Passed out!

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Oct 29, 2015
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