The Rider puppy. :0)

by kenaz
(bangalore india)

I got my girl Pepper when she was 50 days old… now she is a 100 days old :)

Initially i was confused as to how i was gonna manage her being with me in the city. when my wife was away on a long trip…(it was me and my wife at home, we are awaiting our baby; on the way!)
So, then things were tougher…

I was worried as to how i will take care of her when I go for my regular office, but thankfully I work in an atmosphere where we are allowed to take our pets in.
The real problem was then… how will i take her… since i commuted on my royal enfield bullet.

To my surprise Pepper, picked up so quickly on sitting still on the tank of my bike.. and we ride to work every day now…
she is the most adoring pets i've ever had, apart from her every now and then Fartings.. :P lol

She surprises everyone on the road, in the traffic… every where.. she is one lovely girl.. :)

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