The "Toy Offering".

by Noreen Miller
(Citrus Heights,California.)

~The absolute "Love of my life",is "Roxy", my now 10yr.old, Rottweiler.

We got her from the animal shelter at just 8 weeks old. Already vaccinated, spayed,and micro-chipped, we couldn't wait to bring her home.

She has always had a "little girls" personality. Very sweet & personable. In the years she's been with us, she has not once, in any way, shape, or form, shown any sign of aggression towards another human or animal(wild turkeys not included in that statement & my explanation for that would be a whole 'nother story).

Although she looks like she could be scary, the truth is she just does not have a mean bone in her 110lb. body.

Anyhow, since Roxy was a puppy she has never chewed up or destroyed any of her dog toys. She loves her stuffed animal toys the best. In fact, she also loves to share them with other people. Since she was about 3 months old, every time anyone would come over,the first thing Roxy does is literally run, (and I mean as fast as she can),to her toy bin, grabs one of her
stuffed toys and greets everyone at the door with one.

If there is more than one person has arrived she will set the stuffed down wherever the first person is sitting or standing,and grab a second,and in occasion third stuffed animal.

If you don't acknowledge her presence (or her "present" to you,she will keep picking it up, setting it on your lap or at your feet. Once you "notice" her or say "hello" to her, and not until, she will then lay down by you.

So she has been doing the same thing every time someone has visited. Even if she's in another room comfortably crashed out, she will wake up out of a dead sleep to do this.

As I mentioned earlier in this story, Roxy has never chewed up or destroyed one of her toys - so at 10yrs. old she has well over her age in human years (70) stuffed animals alone. Plus many other toys, balls, Frisbees, etc. But her stuffed animals live together in a big plastic bin that seems to be getting bigger all the time!! Yes, she has always been very spoiled.

Last summer we had a big weekend garage sale. Roxy stayed inside until we had things set up in the driveway & on the front lawn. People started coming before we finished putting our items out. This all happened in about 2 hours time.
When I was finally able to come inside for a minute break I found Roxy asleep, by the front door,right near the front room window.

Next to her was every single one of her stuffed animals she had obviously tried to "present or offer" to each person that came to our garage sale. Our poor,sweet,baby girl had carried over every single stuffed animal she owns, forming them into a huge pile...awe!

I had no idea what she was doing while we were outside setting things up. But with her big sweet heart just watching & knowing we were "having company", over, and over, and over again, did the same thing she always does...A toy offering.

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Sep 07, 2016
I can picture it - LoL
by: Jennifer

Oh man, that story really had me laughing...I can completely picture her carrying every toy. How adorable - Rotties really are the best dog's in the world :0)

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