Ty (named after Ty Pennington)

by Angie
(Durham - United Kingdom)

Is this my good side?

Is this my good side?

Ty didn't get off to the best of starts. His first owner couldn't keep him but luckily their loss was our gain and he was only 9 weeks old when he became the latest addition to our family and he joined Gem (Staffy X) and Sophie (Staffordshire Bull Terrier).

He was the boss from day 1 but at approx 13 weeks old we noticed he had an intermittant limp and didn't like to come down stairs/steps. After visiting the vet several times for different tablets and laser treatment he seemed to get worse. An x-ray revealed he had elbow displacia and was reffered to a specialist for an operation on both of his front lets at just 26 weeks old.

He was in such a state for about 3 months but after a slow recovery and gradual introduction back into exercise he is now 18 months old and is happy and healthy. He can enjoy the same walks as his sisters and has such a loving and placid nature.

Everyone who meets Ty falls in love with him and comment on his soft nature (he even got chased by a chiuaua)and we couldn't imagine our house without him.

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