Wriley the Rottweiler

by Carol St Martin
(Swansea, MA)

Pure sweetness

Pure sweetness

Wriley is my 2nd Rottie. We fostered a female Rottie and she was adopted by an amazing family.

I guess we didn't realize how much we wanted to keep her. I think instead we believed we did our job by giving her tons of love, patience, and training. And of course I could not let her go until she was spayed because I didn't want her to be a puppy mill dog.

I still keep in touch with her owners and yes I still cry due to missing her ways, but knowing she's a princess to her owners means the world.

Wriley is a gift to me & my family, the gift of life and a new beginning to a long journey. He is not our puppy but a family member who we'll cherish.

Ps Sorry Jen, I'm french and ramble a lot

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Jul 07, 2017
Wriley passed at age 5 NEW
by: Carol

Its been a yr since Wriley passed from histiocytosis. Every day is a tough one as he brought so much joy to my life. I never had to use voice or hand commands he knew training by body language. He was my best side kick, friend & child.

Feb 03, 2011
What a great family!
by: Jenn

I'm a rambler myself, so no need to apologize :0)

Carol, your whole family is fantastic! So many furry members, I love it.

In my opinion, all dogs are awesome, but there's just something about a Rottweiler dog that sinks into your heart and psyche and just won't let go.

I can totally understand how you can still miss your foster girl, but thank God she has a good family to love and love her.

Bless your heart too for fostering her -- because of you and others like you, dogs find the love they deserve, and a family of their own to love back.

Love these pictures Carol, thanks so much for sharing! Wriley is going to be a pretty big boy I think -- Happy Training :0)

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