Zack and the leather couch...

by William
(Los Angeles)

Zack and Madison

Zack and Madison

Back in 1995 my wife and I bought a Rotteiler puppy. He was the biggest one of the litter and he picked us to go home with. He was the easiest dog Ive ever house trained and was just a very naturally obedient puppy and dog.

He was given lots of love and attention. One day when he was about 3 yrs old he was left alone longer than normal, he was used to our schedule and we were very late this day. We had a custom built leather couch that cost around $6000. Zack never once tried to get on the couch or even really paid much attention to it.

But on this day his anxiety must've got to him and he ate, yes ate!, the arm off the couch. I'm not talking about chewing pieces up and leaving them on the floor. I'm talking about chunks of the wood frame were completely unaccounted for!! He literally ate part of the couch.

Time for a new couch. We decided to move the violated couch to a different room and let Zack get on it, sleep, eat it, whatever he wanted. It was his couch now and he liked it.

He lived a long and happy life 11 yrs. In 2006 he took his last breath on that leather couch with his head resting on what was left of the arm. He past away during the night and woke up in heaven.

The picture (from 2000) shows Zack and our daughter Madison. She was just a baby when we got him. They grew up together and he was crazy in love with her. He wouldn't let her out of his sight. Zack was her guardian angel and, knowing him, he still is keeping an eye on her :)

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Oct 12, 2015
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